Spring has just arrived and we’re already pining for summer! Along with sunscreen and hair ties, Bronzing Skin Perfector™ is an absolute MUST for our everyday summer bag. In anticipation of the coming warmth, here are 3 reasons it should be added to yours too:

1. It provides the perfect complexion pick me up! Can’t get out to soak up the sun? Add natural looking warmth and colour to your skin by applying a small amount over your entire face using The One Perfecting Brush.

2. Want a pop of colour on your eyes? Pat Bronzing Skin Perfector over your lids for a subtly glamorous look that pairs perfectly with wide-brimmed hats for day, or dangly earrings at night.

3. Headed to the pool? Mix a pea-sized amount of Bronzing Skin Perfector with your favorite body moisturizer and apply to your legs for a smooth, bronzed finish.

Posted by BECCA Beauty Stylist, 15 Apr 2014, Comments (0)