Add All to Bag

Step 1

Hold bottle 4-5 inches away from face, close eyes and spray Mist liberally. When spraying, avoid contact with the eye area.

Step 2

Apply Glow Elixir all over face to give your skin a fresh, good-for-you glow.

Step 3

Use your fingertips with light pressure and apply Primer all over the face to prep and moisturize the skin before Skin Love Foundation. Massage into the skin to any areas you want to smooth and blur fine lines or pores, including the nose, t-zone and forehead.

Step 4

Use fingers, your favorite brush or foundation tool to apply Foundation on targeted areas or all over face.

Step 5

Apply Glaze Stick directly on clean skin or swipe on fingers and tap on over make up. Use on eyes, cheeks, lips or anywhere you want a boost of hydration and glow.