"The beauty of BECCA is that it’s effortless” - Chrissy

What do you love about BECCA?

"They are an incredible team.. Every dream I have, they make it come true! The team is not swayed by trends, they really love the products they put out and they want people to love them too and use them forever. Being able to work with a brand that I really love, and really use, it’s a breath of fresh air."

What do you love most about your Endless Summer Glow Collection?

"Mary (Philips) and I love to get good skin for the Red Carpets - some people are all about the eye, the lip – but for us, it’s always been the skin. We love glowing skin, and want to get glow on the shoulders, the legs, everywhere! I love this look and I wanted to be able to do that myself, I feel that this collection is really effortless and easy to get that glow, something that I can apply myself."


What’s your summer skincare routine like?

"I usually have dry skin, before babies I used to get facials all the time, but now I do it myself. I have such a mix of products that I use, from drugstore brands to La Mer… or whatever John has in the shower!"

What do you love about the beach?

"I love the beach, I love the photos, I love the water, I love the breeze, I love the humidity, I love the sweat… but I hate the sand!"