Rebecca Morrice Williams recently shared the inspiration behind the ravishing shades of lip colour of the new Ultimate Matte Lip Colour range.

Was there a specific reason you were interested in creating a matte lipstick?
The bold matt lip is a super fashionable makeup look that is the perfect way to dress up any outfit. Hair can be left messy, or preferably tied in a pony, skin can be left almost bare and other make-up very minimal (maybe mascara only) looks instantly glamorous, modern and fresh. I love the look of matt lipstick applied straight from the tube or dabbed onto the lips with fingertips – no liner required.


The problem with matt lipsticks has generally been that they are drying and uncomfortable on the lips…our formula is soothing and non- drying, formulated without wax, preservatives or alcohol so it’s easy to wear.


Where did the inspiration for the shades names come from, in general?
My lipstick names are all after beautiful female names and the matt formula lipstick (being richly pigmented and luxe) have been inspired by regal names and those that sound like names for –  queens, princesses and heroines both real, mythical, story-book.


Where did the inspiration for specific shades names come from? And how was it determined that a specific shade name would go with a specific colour?

- Adele: A pretty name meaning noble – a rich raspberry pink to match this classic yet modern name.

- Amelia: An 18th century princess - a camellia pink colour, pretty as the flower.

- Antoinette -   think Queen Marie Antoinette – rich berry wine velvet in colour, the colour of a queen.

- Aurora: Princess from the Sleeping Beauty – fresh and bright orangey red colour perfect for centre stage, inspired by the ballet.

- Claudine: French Heroine (in stories) – natural, nude colour looks understated.

- Eloise: Romantic sounding name, featuring also in children’s books – a light pale pink to match this girlish name.

- Isolde Irish princess in the legend of Tristan and Isolde – soft and young this pretty nude pink colour reminds me of young love.

- Josephine: Napoleon’s favourite Empress – a rich red as strong and bold as the woman.

What are your favourite shades in the collection?
I like Amelia as it’s a very wearable pink/red that is enough of a statement but kind of still on the safe side for me (I am a little new to wearing bright/bold lips). If I get braver I will go for Aurora as I love the warm orangey tone in this me it’s the most fashionable shade of them all.

Any special tips or tricks you've discovered as you've used them?
As mentioned before, wear with minimal make-up…the bright colours look great with a tan or super pale skin. I like to smear on the colour and keep it kind of sheer and stain-like for me but you can obviously make the colour very dense and rich with a full application.

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