Charlie Kielty is one of the amazing Makeup Artists behind BECCA's iconic campaign images. From a very young age Charlie was intrigued by beauty and fashion and has since carved out a succesful career with her work gracing the pages of Australia's most notable fashion magazines. In this Q&A, Charlie shares her thoughts on all things beauty and BECCA...

Why did you become a makeup-artist?

When I was a kid I was intrigued by beauty, I always had a favourite supermodel (90’s supermodels, Shalom Harlow, Trish Goff and Kate Moss). I loved fashion and would watch Fashion TV continuously which would drive my brother and sisters mad as they were not allowed near it as I would claim the television. Also my mum was a makeup artist for a few years and my dad bought her Making Faces by Kevin Aucoin. As soon as this book entered the front door it was in my bedroom. I don't think my mother ever really got to read it as I claimed that also! I just loved beauty and fashion and it was something I always tended to gravitate towards.

What BECCA products can’t you live without?

My BECCA product that I can't live without is the Crème Blush in Geranium. I love the pigment in this blush as it is an intense slightly burnt orange colour, great for staining lips and giving a beautiful sun kissed flush. I also love and Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal, beautiful under foundation or on its own to hydrate, highlight the high planes of the face.

What is your number one beauty tip?

No 1. beauty tip is to look after and respect your skin! Find out what you skin ailments or concerns are and find a skin care regime that accommodates you skins needs whether it is from wearing sunscreen to eating and drinking the right things. Skin ailments can be an internal and external cause. The more respectful you are to your body, your body will work the right way...oh and be happy.

What is your all-time favourite beauty book?

My most favourite beauty book is "Beauty Flash" by Stephane Marais. It has all the great supermodels in it and the makeup is amazing.

What Autumn/Winter beauty trends do you love right now?

I always love bare creamy pale skin with a deep wine lined perfect lip, just a little concealer under the eyes and bare eyes with no mascara for autumn.

Who is your beauty style icon?

My beauty icons are Juliette Binoche, Michelle Pfeiffer, Juliette Lewis, Deborah Harry and Jaclyn Smith...and Kate Moss but she’s generally on most people’s lists.

What makeup mistakes do you loathe?

Makeup mistakes I loathe are toooooo much foundation i.e. super thick! The skin looks muddy and like its suffocating oh and shimmery bronzer for contouring and too much of it.

What is the most important thing to know about makeup?

Subtlety. Try not to lose too much skin texture, let the skin breathe and it’s all about light layers, enhancing and good clean blending.

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