Amanda Reardon is one of the nation's leading Makeup Artists, famed for her work in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Rolling Stone, Madison, Marie Claire, Oyster, and Russh to name a few. Most notably Amanda has been one of the artist's behind BECCA's stunning campaigns for the past few yearsIn this Q&A, Amanda shares her thoughts on all things beauty and BECCA...

Why did you become a makeup-artist? 

Becoming a Makeup Artist seemed to be my destiny. It is a combination of all my loves…fashion, art, photography and creativity. I inherited a strong love of fashion from my mother, studied art and photography at school and did ballet for 12 years which I believe were the grounding forces to what lead me down the Makeup Artist path.


What has been your most memorable shoot and why?

I have had so many "memorable moments" in my 15 years as a Makeup Artist. The thrill of working with a particular team, an amazing model, my first editorial, first VOGUE cover, trips to amazing places like Africa, Hawaii, Mauritius, New York. It’s very hard to pinpoint one! Many inspiring moments, I’ve been very blessed.


What BECCA products can’t you live without?

Without a doubt my favourite product is the Shimmering Skin Perfector, even long before I did the BECCA campaigns this was always a staple in my kit. I adore the Primer especially the Radiance Primer. The Ultimate Eye Colour Quads are divine and silky and another favourites are all the Beach Tints in varying shades. And I can’t live without the Mineral Tint Sunscreen that come in varying shades like a tinted moisturiser. ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for all my outdoor shoots as the models are in the sun for many hours.


What is your all-time favourite beauty look?

My favourite look is quite classic and what I get booked mostly for. Gorgeous creamy dewy skin and a smoky contoured eye makeup in neutral tones. Contoured cheeks and a natural lip. On the other hand I occasionally like to go quite bonkers and create something otherworldly...


What Autumn/Winter beauty trends are you loving right now?

I am loving the return of a strong lipstick look. And it comes in all the beautiful autumnal shades, dark plums through to soft browns and oranges so a colour for everyone. Textures are quite matte and lipstick has a look of being pressed into the lip rather than the strong lip lines of the past. For a more matte effect you can finish the lipstick with a pressed powder of the same shade as seen at the recent shows in Paris.


Who is your beauty style icon?

I have far too many to name, but screen sirens of the 40s to 70s inspire most of the looks I love for makeup. My modern style icon would have to be Tilda Swanton, she is flawless and it would be a dream to do her makeup.


What makeup mistakes do you loathe

Seeing girls with gorgeous skin wearing so much makeup because they feel they need to, it makes me sad. The one look I do loathe is foundation in an unmatched shade finished at the base of the chin and unblended! I think that’s every makeup artists nightmare, and I just always want to run up and fix it! 


What is your number one beauty tip?

Beauty starts on the inside. If you fuel your body with goodness you will be rewarded with sparkly eyes, great skin texture and an overall glow. An amazing base for makeup!


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