Eyeshadow Brush #104



For an effortless, even application of powder and crème eye shadows.

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Key attributes
  • Created with a large rounded head which provides an effortless, even application of eye colour
  • The shape of the brush and soft bristles places the ideal amount of shadow on the lower lid and crease
  • This versatile brush can be used with any powder and crème shadow
Stylist Tips

The flat design of the BECCA Eye Colour Brush is ideal for sweeping shadow all over the base of the lid. The domed tip fits perfectly into the crease of the lids creating a smooth and drag free application.


Pick up the product and apply to the lid using it for a block of colour or base colour. Can also be used directly along the lower lid line and into the crease for a more contoured look.

BECCA Eye Colour Brush #104

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