Sunswept Beauty

Hair wavy and tousled by the summer breeze and juicy pops of colour on the cheeks catch the eyes first. Perfected effortlessly glowing skin with a hint of bronze creates a flawless background, while striking bronzed lids and long lashes take the look from sweet to exotic.


  • Using The One Perfecting Brush, buff Ever-Matte Shine Proof Foundation into the skin, starting in the center of the face and working outwards.
  • Warm a pea-sized amount of Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector™ between your fingertips until clear, then pat onto areas that may be more oily, like the forehead, nose and chin.
  • Apply a small amount of Radiant Skin Creamy Concealer under the eyes and around the nose if additional coverage is needed.


  • Apply Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé in Lychee/Opal to the apples of the cheeks with The One Perfecting Brush, blending towards the ear.
  • STYLIST TIP: Using your fingertips to apply Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé for a more intense pop of colour.
  • Apply Shimmering Skin Perfector™ Pressed in Opal using The One Perfecting Brush to the high points of the face including cheek bones, brow bone, bridge of the nose and cupid’s box. 


  • Apply a small amount of Eye Tint in Baroque to the lid, from lash line to the crease.
  • Softly line the upper and lower lash lines with Automatic Eyeliner in Goa.
  • Finish the eyes with 1-2 coasts of Ultimate Mascara in Black applied to the top and bottom lashes, wiggling the wand back and forth from the lash base to the tips.


  • Complete the look with Ultimate Colour Gloss in Palm Breeze.

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