In general, you want your foundation to cover without masking, hide pores and imperfections, but not look “caked” on. Choosing a foundation formula with your coverage preference is helpful, but not critical. Using different application techniques, you can create your ideal coverage with the foundation you’ve selected.

  • -Spritz a small amount of water onto your makeup brush before applying a full-coverage foundation to create a lighter coverage.

  • -Apply foundation directly from the tube, jar or compact using a completely dry makeup brush to create fuller coverage.

Always try to start with less: foundation looks better and lasts longer when you’re stingy. Whatever product doesn’t make direct contact with the skin will slide, slip and crease. Apply a dot or swipe of foundation on the forehead, one on each cheek and another on the chin. Buff it over the entire face and neck, stippling another layer over areas needing more coverage.

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