The Skin Perfecting Make-up System™

BECCA beauty begins with the Skin Perfecting Make-Up System– a simple three-step program designed to correct, prepare and enhance any complexion.

Achieving a perfectly flawless, yet natural-looking complexion is BECCA's primary focus. Foundation that looks obvious and is the wrong colour is the biggest make-up 'faux pas'. Fresh-looking skin, and foundation that is virtually traceless, is a great confidence booster and the most important aspect to get right when making-up. All additional enhancing make-up (for eyes, lips, bronzing and highlighting) will look great, only if the base is perfect.

BECCA does not believe it is possible to achieve this perfection with only one foundation product.

This is because:

  • if a product is sheer enough to look totally natural, it will not adequately conceal blemishes
  • if a product is heavy enough to effectively conceal all blemishes it will look mask-like
  • if a product is moisturizing enough to effectively hydrate, it will not last well and will look greasy
  • if it has a matt finish, the skin can look unhealthy and lifeless

Accordingly, the BECCA Skin Perfecting Make-Up System promotes a realistic and logical method in which at least three products should be used synergistically for perfect-looking skin. These products contain the highest sun-protection filters and skin-caring ingredients, feel weightless on the skin and provide an incredibly long-lasting finish.

Follow these three simple steps for ultra-natural,
perfect looking skin that lasts all day

  • BECCA Primers can be applied initially to create a more refined surface for make-up, helping to smooth the skin's surface and minimize pores and lines.

    Apply BECCA Luminous Skin Colour SPF 25+ as the perfect base. It provides a sheer tint of colour to "even" the skin, acting as both a moisturiser and sunscreen. (Contains anti-oxidant vitamins A, B, D, E and broad spectrum SPF 25+)

  • For stubborn blemishes, spots and dark under-eye circles the highly pigmented BECCA Compact Concealer can be applied as a final correction.

    TIP: At this point, apply BECCA Creme Blush to the "apples" of the cheeks for instant radiance. BECCA Stick Foundation (SPF 25+) can be applied very sheerly to the whole face, or only to those areas where more coverage is required.

  • This final step "locks" the products onto the skin, creating a water-resistant finish that allows make-up to stay on all day.

    It provides a very light matt finish that helps to minimise pores, leaving the skin feeling as if no make-up is being worn.

    This exceptional powder will never appear cakey or dry, and disappears on the skin within half an hour - allowing a natural dewy look.