Find out more about BECCA's Founder & Creative Director in our latest Q&A with Rebecca Morrice Williams...

Can you describe a day in the life of Rebecca Morrice Williams?
My days usually start between 5.30 am – 6 am and the first thing I do is check emails. I then get the kids ready for school and get myself to the gym straight after this (I try to exercise 5-6 days a week and I do everything from weights, circuits, boxing and ballet). These days I work from home and I can be doing quite varied tasks from testing makeup samples, to meeting with local staff, to checking sales reports, cash flows/budgets to answering questions or doing interviews, to checking marketing materials, planning photo shoots, checking social media, product reviews etc. I love that my work is varied like this as it keeps everything interesting for me. I usually pick the kids up late after school and oversee homework whilst finishing last minute things/emails on my computer. After dinner and putting the kids to bed, I might have a call with someone on the US team and then I like to watch a bit of TV or read a magazine before going to bed.


Which BECCA product can’t you live without and why?
Mmm… well it’s a bit hard to only choose one but I would have to say I could not live without a great concealer and I absolutely love the Radiant Skin Creamy Concealer as it’s got great coverage, does not settle into pores or lines, looks natural on the skin and is water-resistant - so lasts through a sweaty gym session!


What’s the best make-up advice you were ever given that you’d pass on?
An artist once told me about applying liner to the inner rim of the top lash line to make the lashes look thicker and add definition whilst not appearing as if you have an obvious line of eyeliner. This is a great trick and it works well for older women who do not want harsh lines. Use a water-resistant pencil or gel eyeliner for this.


Do you tend to take trends into account when developing products?
Looks come and go each season and makeup artists and designers tend to rehash the same basic themes - beautiful skin, smokey eyes, the bold lip, flushed cheeks – these trends are universal and keeping showing up season after season, year after year. I tend to pay attention to longer term trends such as whether the skin is more matt or dewy or whether the lip fashion is more matt or glossy as these trends tend to influence the women on the street more once she sees them repeated again and again on catwalks or in fashion magazines. I tend to not get too caught up in the very latest makeup trends as I believe the main aim of makeup should be to make a women look fresher, healthier and more vibrant…. rather than reflecting the latest makeup look.


Is there anything new from BECCA we should keep an eye out for?   
There are some beautiful pressed powder versions of  the Shimmering Skin Perfector colours about  to launch, new blush and bronzers are in development (a bit secretive here) and , we have another amazing foundation coming out early next year.


How do you relax?
I tend not to relax until I go to bed and then I love to unwind by watching TV and or reading or sometimes looking at websites on my I pad. Lately I have been obsessed with the Game of Thrones TV series which was seriously addictive and pure escapism. Exercising each day is my ‘me’ time and makes me feel relaxed and energised. On a Sunday if I have any spare time, I love to bake a luscious dessert whilst my 8 yr old daughter helps me.


Who would you invite (dead or alive) to your fantasy dinner party and why?

Richard Branson – he is such an inspiring entrepreneur, he would be super interesting and I am sure he would also be fun.

Stella M McCartney – talented and stylish I would like to be friends with her.

Kate Moss – she is one of my favourite models, I never tire of her face and I would love to talk her in to doing some shots for BECCA.

Russell Brand – he is absolutely hilarious and would really shake up the party.

Henry Cavill – my current man crush, possibly the most gorgeous man on the planet.

Adele – a divine voice – perhaps she would sing a song. She seems down to earth and a fun girl.

What's your most prized possession?
Well if you can call children your possessions then definitely them but as far as material possessions, I think it would be a beautiful painting that my grandmother gave me by Australian Artist  - Louis Kahan.

What's your favourite destination and why?
For work I Love London, it’s so inspiring and I feel totally at home here.  I love the fashion, (the women always look so great), the food, the interiors and the style. I think London is such a beautiful city; I am always in awe of it.

For holidaying - I love the tropical paradise -  Bali – with some of the most fantastic hotels, beach clubs and restaurants, I love the resort – luxe vibe. Balmy weather, long breakfasts, cocktails by the pool, late night bars – what’s not to love? Oh… and its only three hours from Perth where I live.


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